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High-Quality, ROI Focused Ad Management At An Affordable Price.

I want to tell you a bit more about our company and myself over the

You are going to see that life is pretty good for us right now.

After 4 years of operations, we’ve developed an efficient process, an effective team, strong relationships with clients and a healthy reputation in the industry.

But it wasn’t always so easy and it wasn’t always like this…

Several years ago when I started I was told it couldn’t be done, because the main Facebook Advertising companies were charging so much.

It was deemed impossible to create a good team that provides such results without charging the ridiculous amount all the big agencies were charging. (20-30% + Set-up fee)

A close friend at a marketing agency told me that a team of good experts is hard to find and will cost too much to hire, he told me I could never compete with the big agencies he knew were controlling the market at the time.

But I knew that if I can build a good trustworthy team and teach them all of the strategies I’ve tested and implemented over the years, I can achieve this vision, and against all that negative feedback I consistently worked on creating a system and building a highly skilled team that could allow us to manage campaigns with big results while still be keeping cost low as possible.

Finally, last year we hit a breakthrough and came up with a system that allowed us to hire and teach our in-house ad-buyers our own unique strategies that can systematically drive results for any business and eventually completely automate the marketing side of it.

That allowed us to keep costs low and quality high so we can offer an affordable price at a sustainable margin.

It was one of the first times I realized that being stubborn could pay off, risking my time and money could pay off, having trust in the basic principle that everyone wants the best deal possible.

And that’s why we’re here with our service today.

For any business with an online presence, dissatisfied with current results.
Our service is high-quality, ROI focused Facebook campaign management at an affordable price.

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